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Sorry for all those non-Tollywood posts. Forgot to switch over to my main account. Sorry! …Sorry chepinana?

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Anonymous asked: Why are you posting / reblogging non-confession posts? :\

Because people also give their opinions/questions/compliments and I do not want to disrespect them by deleting their submissions when they went out of their way to submit them.


Give me some confessions, na? So many movies osthunayi and not even a single hello or confession. What is this?

Anonymous asked: What about kollywood confessions?

I can take some, but IDK most of the movies… 


Anonymous asked: What is your opinion on Vani Kapoor's outfit at her debut movie audio launch?

She ain’t Tollywood, but her dress was cool :)

Anonymous asked: I hate when Tollywood actors go into Bollywood and then all of a sudden they're referred to as Bollywood actors. They are NOT. They will always be from the Telugu industry. (Maybe I'm just possessive).

I KNOW RIGHT! Like, no, they are OURS!! They are with you for a limited time offer only.

Anonymous asked: The fraternity within the industry seem to be pretty close. They support each other and show up to each other's audio launches... but it's the fans that hate each other.


My reaction all the time:

Anonymous asked: I think Ram Charan married Upasana for the money. I mean.. isn't it obvious?

I do not know actually… I think they were childhood friends though. Plus, doesn’t he already have SO MUCH money? 


Anonymous asked: Why were there rumours going around that Mahesh Babu is gay? Baseless rumours are so annoying!

When I heard the rumor:

And then:

Anonymous asked: I absolutely hate when an actor has a fan base and that fan base will bash and ridicule other actors. Just stop. You don't need to put down another actor (who probably DOES have acting talent) to make your favourite look the best.

I completely agree with this statement.

Hansika Motwani is going downhill. She had so much potential!

Hansika Motwani is going downhill. She had so much potential!

Anonymous asked: Is Kajal the queen of tollywood?

She is a Princess… there are no Queens of Tollywood. There are only Princesses in this era of Telugu film industry. #sorrynotsorry